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  Thursday,March 26th 2020

7:30 AM- 8:15 AM Registration 

8:15 AM - 9:00 AM - Breakfast, Networking & Exhibits 

9:05 AM- 9:25 AM Conference Welcome from Conference Host Raymond Mungro CEO Mungro Career Development 

Show call JobWatch a TV-G Rated Host a weekly Broad cast Greater Media was sold to Comcast. ​

WDVT Talk Radio position was Frank Ford Technical Productor for the Frank Ford Show. The Frank Ford show show was nominated for the Peabody Award for Best Broad Casting in the Philadelphia . The Frank Ford show move to WWDB. THAN MOVE TO WWDB 96.5FM

9:30 A.M.- 10:30 A.M. - Patrice Samara - Buffet Keynote Speaker-360 Strategic Communications, Branding, Marketing & Publishing. Change Agent Helping Organizations Grow & Succeed Emmy-winner Patrice Samara has 20+ yr proven track record as a Strategic Advisor, Global Business Development, Entrepreneur. B2B/B2C Communications, Strategic Partnerships, Global Events, Branding, & Edutainment for profit & nonprofit sectors working in 30+ countries (extensive exp. in MENA & Europe). Strong Tech & Education sector experience. A cross-cultural/diversity specialist known for building coalitions & civil societies, 2x UN NGO Representative. Confidential counsel to government leaders, C level execs A passionate, hands-on change agent, she takes a proactive approach to the development & logistics of global initiatives. Selected Fortune 500 Engagements:American Express, AT&T, IBM, JP Morgan Chase; BNP Paribas; UBS; Pfizer; Philips; Schering Plough; Look Good Feel Better; Disney; Sesame Street; Muppet Babies; Wall St. Journal; New York Times. Producer of 200+ award winning films. Known for vision, integrity, & commitment to excellence, she won myriad Int'l awards: 30 Cine Golden Eagles, Emmy, Parents' Choice & Orphans International Global Award for Leadership in Helping Humanity. Author 7 books, Alphabet Kids Multicultural Book Series, STEM Series & editor of many others. White Papers: Parent's 10 Step Defensive Guide to Children's Internet Safety; Privacy, Security & Identity in Networked, Data Driven Educational Environment; Youth & Violence the Unanswered Questions After Columbine; Plagiarism: Definition, Realities, 21st Century Misconceptions. She dedicates pro bono time/resources supporting education & mentoring. Member:Washington News Women’s Club, Recording Academy,Women in Film/TV, Rotary,Nat'l Academy of TV Arts & Sciences. 


10:30 A.M.- 10:45 A.M.- Peer-Peer Networking & Exhibits 1

10:45 A.M- 11:30 A.M. - John Diamond - The Strategic Facility Advisors STRATEGIC INTERCONNECTED DATA CENTERS

Powering the Edge from the Network Core 

Today, big data is about business disruption. Organizations are embarking on a battle not just for success but for survival. If you want to survive, it’s time to act.” – Capgemini and EMC² in their study Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business.

In our cutthroat digital age, the importance of setting the right data can define the overall success of a business. It is not just important to gather all the existing information, but to consider the preparation of data and utilize it in the proper way, has become an indispensable value in developing a successful business strategy.

That being said, it seems like we’re in the midst of a data analysis crisis. Although organizations spend millions of dollars on collecting and analyzing data with various data analysis tools, it seems like most people have trouble actually using that data in actionable, profitable ways.

Topic: The Survive of data centers 

11:30 A.M.- 12:00 P.M. Data Center Panelist 

Panelist:  George E. Jones Jr. CISM CRISC CISSP President, Intrinsic Security Practitioners, LLc

12:00 P.M.-12:30 P/M. Buffet Lunch 

12:30 p.m.- 1:15 p.m. Lunch Keynote Speaker-Robert Minor 

Acting Chief Information Officer at City of Baltimore Fm Bob Minor brings 25+ years of knowledge in technology to his position as Deputy CIO of Infrastructure and Chief Information Security Officer for the City of Philadelphia.  He has an extensive background in both the private and public sectors, while running operations and security in large-scale environments including, the State of New Jersey. His experience includes infrastructure consolidation, risk management, program management, wide area network design and administration, network architecture and disaster recovery.  He is also recognized as an expert in the area of information security.  Mr. Minor holds a Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University and is certified in CISM, PMP and CISO.

Topic - CyberSecurity the next Level

1:15 p.m.- 1:30 p.m.- Peer-Peer Networking & Exhibits -2

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1:30 p.m.- 2:15 p.m.- Session 2 TBA ..................................................

Topic: TBA 

2:15 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. Session on STEAM Education Presentation By 

Topic: STEAM - TBA

3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.- 

TOPIC: Stem Education/ Workforce Development


Why is STEM Education so important? STEM Education is the key to America’s economic future

and survival! Technology surrounds everything we do, yet many jobs today are left unfilled in fields such

as science technology, engineering and mathematics because of the lack of skilled talent.

We need to build more dynamic pipelines that include people of all cultures and ethnicities.

More and more schools are teaching STEM-related courses and students are being moved toward courses such as math and science, but it is still not enough, there’s a gap, some groups aren’t there.

REALITY CHECK- we’re balling need all hands on deck to steer many of our youth into

STEM related disciplines. This interactive panel discussion will highlight STEM programs.

Moderator- Dr. Jones is featured in the Ebony,Teachers of Color and Essence Magazine and has been a nationally recognized guest on numerous television and radio stations including: CN8, WPVI Channel 6, Pennsylvania Cable Network, WHAT, WDAS and WURD Philadelphia, PA,: Radio One, Dayton, Ohio,: KNUS, Denver, Colorado; Fox 17, Philadelphia, PaIn charge Radio, Orlando, Florida, KXIC, University of Iowa, KJLA, Los Angelas, California; WMM, Miami, Florida. LIB Radio Inglwood, California provide strategic planning for the Villanova University's college of engineering. Specific areas of academic support include globalization of the student learning experience, academic support for students and K12 programming. I am responsible for creating engineering awareness in the K12 education community and retaining undergraduate engineering students.


Reginald Moton-Advance Academic Planning Coordinator, The School District of Philadelphia

Larry Waples - Stem/Steam Coordinator,-Delaware Technical Community College 

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